Student interns at Shamrock Trading Corporation gain broad exposure to our businesses and hands-on experience for their careers. We have internship opportunities in the following divisions: freight brokerage (sales), information technology, accounting, finance and credit.

Our internship program begins with introductory training that includes an industry overview and systems training. Interns at Shamrock learn through a combination of formal instruction as well as ongoing and direct guidance from an assigned mentor. After training, we provide opportunities to work with experienced professionals in an active business setting. Interns will gain exposure to many facets of the industries we serve and learn key business processes.

Our business environment is entrepreneurial, fast-paced and is best-suited for highly motivated individuals.

Shamrock's internships are a fantastic way to explore different industries and gain valuable job experience as you approach graduation. While many college degrees are suitable for the experiences you will gain through this internship, the following majors are ideal: Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing and Economics.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Junior or senior in college.
  • Strong GPA.
  • Strong interest in pursuing a career in the transportation or financial industries.
  • Ability to demonstrate skills necessary to perform in a fast-paced culture.
  • Self-directed with strong problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent time-management and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong computer systems knowledge (MS Word, Excel, etc.) and typing skills.
  • Multilingual skills are a plus.

What Our Interns Say About Shamrock:

“My coworkers and superiors have been exceptionally insightful and encouraging throughout my internship. I have worked personally with almost everyone on my team, and I have learned something valuable from each one of them.” --Alex, information technology intern "I would recommend this job to anyone who enjoys a fast-paced and competitive environment with a great rehire rate for interns and tons of opportunities for advancement for full-time employees." --David, freight brokerage intern “What I was most surprised about was how quickly we were thrown into the fire. From the very first day, we were doing the same things the full-time employees were doing. I was surprised about how fast-paced the environment was.” --Brian, freight brokerage intern